Zagreb ( Ref : D-J-01 )

Pod galériou sa nachádza popis nehnuteľnosti.

Croatia, Jastrebarsko, 30 Km od Záhrebu

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Selling price     : 1 200 000 €
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Description :


Living space : 1200 m²
Land space : 18000 m²
Number of floors : 3

The Castle was built near Zagreb  first mentioned in 1249 as part of the foothill region parish. After changing owners several times, it came as a gift by the King Mateja Korvin ( 1443-1490) King of Croatia and Slovak-Hungaria and into possession of the noble  family in 1468 who held the estate.

In the second half of the 17th century, the  family took up constant residence in this fortress, which became the centre of their vast manor. They also initiated the establishment of the parish in this area, which was founded in 1661.

It was originally constructed as a medieval fortress with a Gothic town core, guard tower and palace, while adaptations and additions from the 16-18th centuries turned the fortress into a spacious castle.

The greatest works took place in 1639 (date engraved on the castle entrance gates) and in 1763 (date engraved on the right side of the building). It is located in an idyllic hill country with beautiful forests, meadows and small vineyards,  near Zagreb.

The area that is covered by buildings is about 1700 square meters. The Castle has three levels, the tower five levels. The total living area is approximately 1200 square meters. Around the Castle there are about 18.000 square meters of property, situated in the south, which you can use as a vineyard in the future.

In the rooms there are no current furnishings. The whole roof truss and tile cover has been totally renewed in 2004. Electricity, fire hydrants and drinking water have been newly installed into the Castle as well. In all rooms is simple electrical lighting.

This historical Castle can be profitably capitalised, with possibilities ranging from a depot of artwork all the way up to a utilisation as a hunting lodge, wellness hotel, seminar hotel, excursion centre, private residence etc.


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